About me

´╗┐Hey I'm Tyler!

I'm a Dad, an auto enthusiast, a bodybuilding diehard and ultimately I'm a passionate photographer who loves creating beautiful images. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you find what you're looking for, if you have any questions from prints to booking to "Do you photograph this?" feel free to contact me via the methods below!


Over the years, my passion to improve and be the best I can be has brought me to areas of photography that technically challenge me in ways that I haven't been before and photographing interiors and exteriors is among the most challenging! I have spent countless hours learning the art of properly lighting as well as editing beautiful photos of any property. I'm always eager to work with a local business or realtor looking to take their marketing materials to the next level!


I've been a bodybuilding fanatic since as long as I've been shooting so it was only natural fitness photography was in my crosshairs early on. My first fitness session was at a Fitworks that was on the east side of Cincinnati. We shot in January of 2012 and I ended up going up with the athlete to the Arnold Classic that March to cover them competing in Mens Bodybuilding. Walking into that auditorium for prejudging was surreal and if I wasn't already hooked, I certainly was then! I'm always excited to work with a new athlete from photo journalism to formal photoshoots. Every physique is unique and I enjoy working with each individual to figure out the best poses and angles to help hide their weaknesses and accent their strengths.


I've been photographing weddings in the very beginning. They hold a special place with me as they are truly special events, from the blend of cultures to the coming together of friends and families. They pose an opportunity to photograph people outside the confines of the day to day. When the brides maids and the make up artists arrive its game on and nothing else matter except one thing! Photo journalism is at the heart of how I go about covering such events as there is always a story to tell. From the itineraries that were meticulously designed, to the flowers, place settings and venue itself. They all go into telling your story and I always go in with that in mind. If you hire me to cover your day expect hundreds of candids and details that will allow you to relive your story through priceless images.

Tyler@tbreedphoto.com // 513.335.7967

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